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Louisville Local Support

Are you a leader or staff member of JCPS? Are you a parent or guardian of a JCPS student in Louisville Ky and in need of an advocate or maybe just some advice. I’m here to help. While most issues you may be dealing with can be advised over the phone, I am available for in-person support as well.

It always takes a village and I hope you’ll trust my 27 years of JCPS experience as a teacher, principal and parent to get your child the help they need as a member of the village.


Contact Michelle to schedule a free 10 minute conversation and we’ll see what’s next.


The Role of Public Schools in Revitalizing a Community  


Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien

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On WDRB, Michelle Pennix offers four ways for parents to help set their child up for success learning online. 


Watch the video on WDRB News

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Proposal to use area churches as in-person learning centers for JCPS (Jefferson County Public Schools) students struggling online 

Watch the video on WDRB News

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This Week In Conversation: Should JCPS Change Its Student Assignment Plan?


Listen to the interview on


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