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We Have to Discipline the Child. Do We?

“There comes a point when we have to do something different for the other 29 kids in the classroom who want to learn. We have to discipline the child,” Rep. Scott Cepicky told Chalkbeat Monday.

If you are a principal, teacher, parent or community member and have this same thought, you need to UNLEARN what you think you know about children. This statement and this law being considered is...



This is very disturbing but not surprising. Tennessee and other states can spend billions on managing inequitable outdated systems but 0 on solutions. It’s not as if there aren’t real people in real schools who have real solutions that have worked! Or thousands of educators, including myself, who aren’t helping schools and DISTRICTS that ASK how it can be done.

Are there students who make learning difficult? ABSOLUTELY! Are there students who have severe emotional and social conditions that result in negative behaviors in school and society? ABSOLUTELY. But who gets to decide how much is too much? What if that child does better in one class than another (happens all the time). WHO HAD THE PROBLEM?

Any teacher who has developed a fixed mindset about the condition of a child and sees some children as expendable should leave the profession or at least public education. This season in our country calls for #principledleadership that seeks to address what has happened to our children NOT what’s wrong with our children. To God be the glory.

#PrincipledLeadership #ForOurKids

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